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Reflect Daily App

Problem: Create a daily self care checker app.

Potential Ideas:
-Track water
-Track movement
-Track mood
-Include inspirational quotes that change randomly each time the app is opened
-Gratitude journal
-Mini goals or tips for self care
-Have reminders that pop up and nudge users to do self care tasks in app (such as the gratitude journal or moving)



A preliminary survey was sent out to gain insight at a larger scale into how often users feel like they follow self care and what they consider self care to be. 

The survey questioned users about how much they value self care, what obstacles prevent them from practicing self care everyday, and how often they experience sadness and/or lack of motivation.

Supporting evidence from the usability study:

  • 10 out of 16 total participants do not hit the recommended daily water consumption goal.

  • 14 out of 16 total participants stated they find it much harder to accomplish their big goals rather than their small ones.

  • 8 out of 16 participants feel like they lack motivation because they don't believe in themselves.

User Pain Points


-Users can identify areas in the app to interact with
-Users can set their own goals (water consumption goals)
-This app will help to improve self care habits
-Using more peaceful and serene colors will be helpful for calmness, rather than anything intense or flashy that could invoke anxiety

User Journey Map

Initial Wireframing


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